About Saeed Azarshab

About Saeed Azarshab

I’m the Founder and General Manager of BIM-CONTEXT and was CEO of MEHRAZNEGAR Architecture Company and the senior architecture designer of the Researrch Institute of Culture and Art (RIC) University of Tehran (UT). I have a B.Sc. in Architecture and M.Arch. from UT, the most prestigious university in Iran, and an MBA.

In July 2011, I was hired as an Architectural drafter in the RIC. During this period, I became acquainted with architectural software, teamwork, mapping, the context in architecture and executive construction work, Also, our team won an award for the renovation of the ParvinEtesami Historical Building.

In July 2015, I was promoted to a permanent employee as a senior architect at RIC. At the same time, I was selected as the co-founder and design manager of MEHRAZNEGAR Architecture Company which collaborate with UT. I worked in construction management and HSE and was Responsibility for carrying out large-scale and high-rise projects, which taught me Having detailed planning, discipline, team management, and leadership. 

I studied M.Arch at the International UT to improve my design, which made me more familiar with BIM and sustainable design. I attended a future city and city branding workshop by Tu-Delft university, which enhanced my knowledge about the impact of building in the city. At the same time, I took first place in the executive plan of the Tabriz Bridge competition.

Then in January 2021, I started my own company to concentrate on BIM and sustainable design. Then, I took the MBA course to improve my management skills, and due to international standards, my company was able to get projects from the United States. I have and enthusiastic persinality to learn and am very keen to work in an international architecture company to improve my skills.

Mohammad Saeed Azarshab

8 june 1991

Architectur designer, Construction Manager, BIM Manager, Graphic Designer, Founder, CEO


  • Founder and general manager of BIM-Context company, which specializes in BIM design and has international projectsarchitecture.
  • Co-Founder and chairman of MehrazNegar company, collaborate with tehran university which works on large-scale and high-rise projects.
  • senior architect of the research institute of cultur and art (RIC) of Tehran university.
  • I’m the winner of the international competion for designing a bridge in Tabriz city.
  • Parvin Etesami library was selected as a prominent project of the Tehran university research and technology festival.